It's time you looked to the future

Might I join, sire? This may not be my country, but it is my cause

Name: Cherche (English) Serge (Japanese)
Voice Actress: Amanda Miller (English) Kana Akustu (Japanese)
Birthday: October 17th
Starting Class: Wyvern Rider
"A wyvern rider in the service of House Virion. She was raised with simple values and likes to cook and sew, but loves her 'sweet, adorable' wyvern Minerva even more. The most terrifying when angry."
Cherche's appearance suggests that of a maid but, at the same time, that of a knight. She's something of both. We know little of Cherche's life before becoming a servant of House Virion; she mentions she has family back in Rosanne but we don't know much else. She does have a refined air about her; she's very well-spoken, level-headed, and intelligent. It's implied that Cherche might come from a family of knights or warriors. Some of her conversations with Frederick revolve around a secret fighting art that Cherche's family passed down. Cherche mentions that she was in training to become a Cleric during the time she met Minerva. She likely ended that training to become a Wyvern Knight and then entered House Virion as a knight.

"How you can look like a hard-ass but be all dainty and feminine at the same time?" - Sully

But despite Cherche's role as a knight and her impressive combat skills, she displays an aptitude for domestic work: sewing, cleaning, cooking, etc. She reveals that when she first joined House Virion, her master immediately took a shine to her, and she became favored above all his other retainers. She ended up spending more time inside the house than out, and for something to do, she started doing household chores. Virion's maids didn't like this one bit, she explains. They were wary of a knight doing their work. So Cherche took it upon herself to work hard and become more "maid-like than the best of them," and eventually gained their trust. It's a bit of a challenge to balance, she reveals, being a lady and knight at the same time, but she's learned to make it work.

Cherche has her quirks though, the main one being the... unusual things she finds adorable, such as:
- wyverns
- caterpillars
- Risen
- bugs
- Kellam's armor
Gross zombies, icky critters, giant dragons, and suits of armor. Cherche has... interesting taste.

Awakening utilizes the support system of past Fire Emblem games: characters who fight alongside each other in battle can unlock "Support conversations" that further develop their relationship, and in some cases turn that relationship into a romance. Pairing up characters in Awakening allows the player to recruit their future children. Pairings determine their offspring's stats and skills, which leads to a rather elaborate system of inheritance. Really, I'm not very good at that sort of thing and I just pair up whatever is the cutest because I'm terrible. Anyway, Cherche can be paired with the following men: the (male) Avatar, Frederick, Virion, Henry, Donnel, Ricken, Vaike, Gaius, Gregor, Libra, Lon'qu, and Kellam.

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