i do not wish to create ties to this world

Challenge me, Cherche, wyvern to wyvern. No doubt we’ve developed our own styles.

After Cherche reaches an S-Rank Support with someone following Chapter 13, Paralogue 11: Twin Wyverns becomes available on the world map. It takes Chrom and co. to Wyvern Valley, where they encounter bandits attempting to capture the feral wyverns. The bandits soon attack the villagers of the valley who resist the bandits, and Chrom's army dives into battle. Amidst the battle, they encounter Gerome, a young, masked wyvern rider attempting to release his wyvern. Gerome shows no interest in defending the wyverns unless Chrom or Cherche talk him into joining them for the fight. After the battle, Gerome reveals to Cherche that he is her son, and has come back in time to release Minerva with her own kind, as wyverns in the future have been nearly wiped out. Cherche convinces Gerome to stay with Chrom's army for the time being, despite his apparent apathy towards the cause.

"Stay your words. I've no intention of getting close to you. Fate will not be mocked. This war may claim your life anew, and I'll not weep twice for losing the same mother. My burden is heavy enough." - Gerome

Gerome contrasts Cherche in many ways; he is a cold, bitter young man with a bleak outlook, quite the opposite of Cherche's kind and diplomatic character. He expresses no interest in getting to know Cherche, explaining that the parents he knew from the future were going to die and leave him alone regardless, and he will not mourn them again in the past. He states that the dark future cannot be changed and does not wish to develop any ties to the past world he has traveled back to, likening it to an illusion. He doesn't even call Cherche "mother," but rather refers to her by her first name.

But despite Gerome pushing her away, Cherche doesn't give up on getting closer to her son and finding out his true nature.

"I know. After all, that's why I'm here-- to change fate so you won't have to. This time, I'll make sure you survive. This time, we'll be together... " - Gerome

Underneath the mask and the pessimistic outlook, Gerome has a softer side. He loves Minerva much like his mother does (he even call his Minverykins) and has a similar sort of bond with her. Cherche marvels at Gerome's skill with riding Minerva and observes their ability to understand each others feelings. Gerome also inherited his mother's knack for sewing. As his relationship with Cherche grows, Gerome begins to open up and reveal his true feelings. What's revealed is a young man who misses his parents dearly and puts a cold-hearted facade to cope with his loss. He regrets the the fact that he wasn't strong enough to protect his family. Cherche persists in getting closer to her son, and he eventually admits to her that he has come to change destiny, and she helps him realize that he can't do it by himself. Gerome's journey with Chrom's army and the eventual defeat of Grima help him realize that the future can be changed and that destiny can be taken into one's own hands.

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