you let me down, she'll bite your limbs off

Her favorite snacks are live goats, but apples run a close second.

Cherche's best friend and ally is her wyvern, Minerva. They first met after a 9 year-old Cherche wandered into Wyvern Valley and encountered a young Minerva. A conversation with Gregor reveals that Minerva was an orphan. He explains that he joined a group of sellswords who entered Wyvern Valley to collect claws from dead wyverns, but the men soon began hunting live wyverns. When they turned on a mother wyvern protecting its baby, Gregor turned against the others and fought them off. The mother wyvern didn't survive, but the baby did, who is revealed to have been Minerva.

When questioned on just how a little girl was able to tame a wyvern, Cherche reveals that while training as a Cleric she carried a heavy staff, and every time Minerva misbehaved, she would bonk her on the head. Soon, Cherche says, Minerva was tame and Cherche was riding her to school. Now that's an interesting image.

Minerva and Cherche have a special bond. Cherche sees her more than merely her stead: she's her friend and partner. Cherche has to ability to understand Minerva's feelings and communicate with her; she's able to interpret her screeches as happiness, sadness, or despair. She grooms her, buys her feed, and pays attention to her every need. And thinks she's the most adorable thing in the world. She likes watching Minerva shed her scales, and, in one conversation, even makes Sully a bikini out of wyvern scales.

She does scold Minerva when she misbehaves (for example, tries to eat other members of Chrom's army), but Minerva remains her number one despite her occasional aggression. She reveals that Minerva tends to scare people off, but she sticks by her wyvern's side regardless. She says that men have tried to get her to leave Minerva for them, but Cherche could never bring herself to leave Minerva. She makes it very clear to her suitors that if they marry her, Minerva comes along as well. And if they ever treat her badly she'll have Minerva eat them.

Cherche reveals that Minerva was named after a hero from the past: Minerva, a wyvern rider who appeared in the very first game in the Fire Emblem series and a number of others since. Minerva was the princess of the nation of Medon and the leader of a group of knights called the White Wings. After Minerva's older brother, Michalis, killed their father, seized the throne, and allied with the enemy nation, Doluna, Minerva found herself forced to serve in Medon's army lest Michalis kill their younger sister, Maria. Minerva served as Medon's general until being defeated by Prince Marth of Altea, who she then joined in the fight against Doluna.

The name "Minerva" itself comes from the name of the Roman goddess of war and wisdom, the equivalent of the Greek goddess Athena.

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