the knight's vow of loyalty still holds

And may I say, it is an inestimable honor to fight in the same army as you.

Cherche presents herself first and foremost as a knight. It's one of my favorite aspects of her character. Despite her homeland being invaded and her former lord being a bit... less than noble, Cherche remains steadfast. She holds herself high and conducts herself with a great deal of honor and dignity.

Cherche and Virion are opposites, to say the least. Virion is a hopeless flirt, who immediately bombards any woman in sight with flowery praise and marriage proposals. Many have painted him a coward, for fleeing his lands and deserting his people. He's not terribly well-liked among Chrom's army; things other army members call him include: Ruffles, fancypants, flowery snot, chicken... the list goes on. But underneath that lies a man who sacrificed his honor in hopes of saving his people. He had a plan to offer himself up to Walhart in exchange for his subjects' safety, but they refused to give him up and kept fighting and dying for their lord. And so it's revealed that Virion then fled Rosanne in order to lead his subjects to believe he was a coward, because otherwise more would have followed their him to their deaths. Sp despite Virion's carefree nature, he is deeply troubled by the loss of his lands and the deaths of his subjects. And Cherche, his favored retainer, knows this better than anyone.

"My people yet live and wait for me. It is my duty—and my dream—to save them." - Virion

So where does Cherche's loyalty lie? Despite her reluctant fondness for her former lord, her loyalty does not solely stem from a duty to serve him. Yet she serves him regardless, but to what end? Virion himself even asks Cherche why she remains by his side. Truely, her loyalty lies with the people of Rosanne. She stands beside Virion and encourages him to remain strong despite his losses, explaining that someday they will return to Rosanne and rebuild. She's the source of his strength to keep fighting, in a way.

"The knight's vow of loyalty still holds, but it is directed not to the land. Nor is it to a castle, or to a town, or any particular place. The vow is to the people who make up the realm. As a knight, you owe fealty to Virion and the smallfolk of his domain. You understand this and act accordingly. It is an honor to fight alongside you." - Frederick

Cherche even admits that she doesn't enjoy fighting, despite being a knight so skilled in combat. But the desire to rebuild her homeland and see her friends and family again motivates her to keep fighting in the war.

"If we lose, I might never see them again, and I can't bear that prospect. So long as I still have strength to bear a weapon, I shall stand and fight." - Cherche

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