i’d say I’ve made quite a bit of progress

Well, why don’t we talk over tea? And soon—before you go off on your own again. Promise?

Cherche certainly isn't among the most highly-rated characters in the game in terms of battle, but I love using her nonetheless. Her default class is Wyvern Knight, and at Level 20 she can be re-classed into a Wyvern Lord or a Griffon Rider. Cherche is what I'd call a tank unit; she has high HP and Strength and low Magic. I like to keep Cherche as a Wyvern Lord (it just makes much more sense to have her riding a Wyvern!), but I also like to have her gain the skills from the Griffon Rider class. Lancebreaker (grants Hit and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a lance) is pretty awesome. Deliverer (adds Movement +2 when paired up) is nice too, assuming you pair up units most of the time like I do.

Cherche isn't able to re-class into a Pegasus Knight which means she sadly loses out on the Dark Flier's Galeforce skill, which allows units to move twice in one round. Ah well. She also suffers from some rather subpar reclassing options... she has access to Cleric and Troubadour, both Magic-based classes. And Cherche's Magic is abysmal. Plot-wise, these classes make sense, as Cherche mentions she was training to be a Cleric. But mechanics-wise, they're pretty bad choices. The only useful thing about these classes are some of the skills, namely recovery-based ones. She can get Miracle (leaves the unit with 1 HP after receiving an attack that would have KO'd them) as a Cleric and Renewal as a War Cleric (recovers 30% of the user's HP at the start of their turn), which can help in some sticky situations. Other than that, I never really bother leveling Cherche in those classes. I like her as a tanking, axe-wielding, dragon rider :3.

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